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       One of directions of activity of our organization is the purification and regeneration of liquid light petroleum products, products of organic synthesis, and used solvents by vacuum distillation.
         Using alternative technologies, we help to save the industrial enterprises on the purchase of new solvents through regeneration of used solvents. Depending on the degree of contamination of the used solvent, we return to 95% of the regenerated solvent.
       Working with us, you will reduce costs and save on the purchase of raw materials. We will refund the solvent quality for further use in the process.
       Due to the fact that all solvents have different compositions and accordingly, require different treatment technologies, we need to conduct experimental work a certain amount of spent solvent. Following these works, we can offer You the following information:
  • - output of the regenerated solvent;
  • - the quality of the resulting purified solvent;
  • - the amount of product to be disposed of;
  • - the price of cleaning is based on pounds cleaned solvent.
      In addition, we produce under the order of the individual types of substances, organic and inorganic chemistry in accordance with necessary for the enterprises technical regulations, including those used for oil and gas.



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