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Dear colleagues!

         Professional credo of Сomponent– industrial production and wholesale supply of materials. The range
of our activities includes the production of rubber products, paint products, PVC products, solvents, supplies
of chemical raw materials and equipment for industrial enterprises, and the provision of services in the field
of chemical industry.
        Established in 1999, our organization during the whole period of operation has proved itself useful, reliable and profitable partner. Positive results in the work we create and execute the most convenient of conditions, namely:

  1. Guaranteed quality products.
  2. Flexible financial policy.
  3. Delivery of products to the warehouse of the consumer.
  4. The delivery deadlines.
         Our advantage is the flexibility to create the most beneficial and convenient offers to the consumer.
We functioned as our own production and manufacturing capabilities of the enterprises-partners.
         Working with us, You significantly reduce your transport costs as all products we deliver to Your organization, have the opportunity of deferred payments and integrated logistics.
         Our company is located in Saint Petersburg, there are representatives in other regions, the countries
of the near Abroad. The convenient geographical position of our region, the presence of ports and proximity
of the borders with the European Union, developed transportation and logistics networks, creating excellent conditions of collaboration with domestic and foreign companies.

We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation!

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